My Brother,

As our Lodge prepares to bring our next few Candidates from darkness “to see the light by which Master Masons work” – I am reminded by our ritual, that the Candidate will be presented with all of the light that Masonry has to offer.

But what is this “Light” in Masonry that we speak of?

Masonic Light, presumably, is presented as being knowledge, Truth or Wisdom. However, that knowledge and Wisdom in regards to Speculative Masonry has a more hidden meaning which opens the door to wide range of awareness – when sought after.

Light in Masonry has a far more important and mysterious meaning to our membership than we sometimes perceive. The symbolism of Light is one of the first lessons presented to a new candidate – and continues to be an important source of knowledge for all of us.

Our Masonic source of Light is and has always been God. The Bible is our rule and guide to follow for enlightenment. As it is written, Masons are the “sons of light” while all others seemingly walk in darkness.

Be proud, Brethren, that we meet at Lodge with the written word of God, the True Masonic Light, displayed for us all to derive knowledge and wisdom. Indeed, we do make good men better.

Fraternally Yours,
WM Roy J. Rowley


Monday evenings continue as practice nights for officers and candidates. All Brethren are welcome.

April 5th - Entered Apprentice Degree - 7:30 pm

April 19th - Regular Business - 7:30 pm - possibly suspended for Grand Lodge Communication. Check back soon.

June 7th - Hawaiian Night/Pig Roast/Regular Business - 7:30 pm ATTIRE: Slack, shoes, Hawaiian Shirt


April 10th RW Vincent E. Etzel Official Visit - Mariners Lodge #150 - 7:30 pm

April 29th - Most Worshipful Grand Master's Reception - Fellowship Hall, Burlington, NJ

May 18th - Travelling Gavel - Location to be announced


April 17-21 - Grand Lodge of New Jersey - Atlantic City NJ

April 30th - 20th Masonic District Association Meeting - Lefty's Tavern, Barnegat, NJ - 7:30 pm

May 11th - District Table Lodge - Parkertown Firehouse, Parkertown NJ - 7:30 pm

July 8th - 20th Masonic District Annual Picnic - Gille Park - Lacey, NJ


Please check your dues card as we still have many Brothers who have not paid for this year. 2017 Dues are due now!

Degrees, Examinations & Petitions

Awaiting Entered Apprentice Degree

William Lewis Herman

William Lacouture

Awaiting Fellow Craft Degree

Brandon Scott Kopenhafer

Steven P. Pribula

John Zack Jr.

David Secul

Mark Adan Ragusa

Edwin C. Brooks Jr.

Deano Crewe

Morris Ligoski

Awaiting Master Mason Degree

William Jon Biedeback

Brad J. Santella-Figueias

Jeffery C. McElwee

Alan J. Orphanodakis

Awaiting Entered Apprentice Exam

Awaiting Fellow Craft Exam

Awaiting Master Mason Exam

Steven Vitable

Kenneth Gross

Patrick Adam O'Connor


Roger Albert Shapley

William Lacouture


Ballot for Membership

Roger Albert Shapely

Sunrise Officers 2017

Roy J. Becker-Rowley (Laura) | Worshipful Master

John G. Koratzanis Jr. (Joy) | Senior Warden

Kevin Rutzler | Junior Warden

RW Denis W. Johnson, JGD | Treasurer

Theodore Karagias PM | Secretary

Sydney Stroman | Chaplain

Earl Campos | Senior Deacon/Proxy to Grand Lodge

RW James Gertsen | Junior Deacon

Adam J. Hess | Senior MC

John S. Lippincott | Junior MC

Robert Rohan | Senior Steward

John Lippincott Jr. | Junior Steward

John G. Steinhauer | Marshal

Bradley W. Steinhauer | Organist

John F. Curran | Historian

Daniel E. Terry | Tyler

Committees for 2015


RW Michael L. Tucker, PDDGM Emeritus

Bro. Jerome Gertner

RW Vincent Etzel DDGM


RW Joseph McCann PGC

WB Rich Crosby PM

RW Robert T. Bell, Jr. SGD


MW Dieter B. Hees - Grand Master

DB Christopher Heale


RW Michael L. Tucker PDDGM Emeritus

RW Vincent E. Etzel DDGM

WB Dennis W. Johnson


RW Michael L. Tucker PDDGM Emeritus

WM Roy J. Becker-Rowley

Bro. John G. Koratzanis, Jr.


WB Todd Murray - 3 years

WB Jon Hess, Sr. - 2 years

RW E. James Gertsen - Aide to the GM - 1 year

20th Masonic District Association

Meetings prior to DLI -

Months to be announced


MW William H. Bernman PGM

RW Joseph Herx PDRI

Alfred Sherman PDRI

Robert J. Stewart PDDGM

Living Past Masters

1968 James L. Sprague

1970 Lawrence McGavin

1971 Dennis O. Staer

1977 William Asay

1978 RW Joseph Dias PGC

1978 William C. Wisse

1980 Bruce Cripps Sr. ***

1981, 90, 93 WB Raymond T. Rowley *

1982 Mark B. Lewis ***

1983 Douglas Bartell

1987-88 RW Robert Fuhrmann, PGC

1989-1996 Theodore N. Karagias

1991 RW Michael L. Tucker, PDDGM ***

1993 Francis Carlevale, Jr.

1995 RW Michael V. Caputo, PDDGM, PGO

1997 RW Arthur Bouder, Jr. PGC *

1997 Joseph Diaz PGC ***

1997 Ronald W. Holt

1998 Daniel H. Langhirt

1998 RW Earl W. Etzel, Jr. JGS *

1999 George W. Paffendorf, Jr. *

1999 Harry L. Anderson *

2000-01 RW E. James Gertsen - Aide to the GM

2001 A. Wayne Klokis ***

2002 John A Tilton

2004 MW Dieter B. Hees - Grand Master

2005 John J. Keating

2006 RW Joseph C. McMann PGC

2006 RW J. Philip Divinagracia PDDGM

2007 Vincent E. Etzel DDGM

2007 Morris D. Sussman ***

2008 Richard T. Crosby

2008 Mitchel A. Gertner ***

2009 RW Robert T. Bell, Jr. SGD

2009 Richard Gendreau ***

2010 David N. Olsen

2011 RW Neal E. Bottomley GC

2011-12 John J. Dester III *

2012 RW Joseph S. Schwartz Jr. Secretary to the GM

2013 Dennis W. Johnson

2014-15 RW Jon Hess, Sr. DRI

2016 Todd Murray

2017 Roy J. Becker-Rowley

Most Worshipful, 20th DDGM, 20th DRI

Grand Master of Masons NJ

Most Worshipful Walter R. Kaulfers

100 Barrack St. Trenton, NJ 08608-2005

20th Disrict Deputy Grand Master

Right Worshipful Vincent E. Etzel

20th District Ritual Instructor

Right Worshipful Jon E. Hess Sr.

Charity, Blood Bank and Learning Center

20th Masonic District Charity Foundation

Right Worshipful Jefferson R. Driscoll, PGC

(609) 296-0615

20th Masonic District Blood Bank

Worshipful Brother Robert Caffyn, PM

(609) 296-0615

(609) 290-7566

Northfield Learning Center

200 New Road Northfield, NJ 08225

Right Worshipful Joseph T. Mezzina, PAGM

Meeting Nights & Worshipful Masters of the 20th Masonic District

Harmony Lodge #18

1st and 3rd Tuesdays

WB Carl Del Conte

Mariners Lodge #150

2nd and 4th Mondays

WB Doug Harper

Sextant Lodge #286

1st and 3rd Tuesdays

WB Scott Banks

Sunrise Lodge #288

1st and 3rd Wednesdays

WB Roy Rowley

Tuckerton Lodge #4

2nd and 4th Tuesdays

WB Arnaldo Cruz

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