JUNE 2015

My Brother,

There are times when we find ourselves confronted with an awkward situation or observe a brother not portraying himself in the best light to people around him. We may wonder if we should call him out on his conduct or just let it ride.

I find knowledge on how to deal with a situation like this in this paragraph from the Master Mason Charge. I feel it clarifies our position quite well:

“In the character of a Master Mason you are authorized to correct the errors and irregularities of your less informed brethren, to fortify their minds with resolution against the snares of the insidious, and to guard them against every allurement to vicious practices. To preserve unsullied the reputation of the Fraternity must be your constant care; and, therefore, it becomes your province to caution the inexperienced against a breach of fidelity. To your inferiors in rank or office you are to recommend obedience and submission; to your equals, courtesy and affability; to your superiors, kindness and condescension.”

This knowledge will help us to keep the fine reputation we have as Free Masons.

Fraternally Yours,

WM Jon E. Hess, Sr.

MAY 2015

My Brother,

I am sure that all of us, from time to time, have been questioned by perspective petitioners about what we do in Lodge. Some have seen various portrayals on television, not always a correct representation, I might add. I have heard Brothers say it is like a play and we are following a sort of script.

While these are viable answers, I find the information listed in the interrogatories to simplify it quite well:

“The ceremonies in which you are about to participate have existed without material change from a remote antiquity, and therefore they may seem strange and perhaps even meaningless to you, since the manners and customs of those ages were so different from those of today. They are designed, however, to teach wise and serious truths, and in time, with your progress through the Fraternity, your mind will be opened to these truths and will come fully to understand and appreciate them.”

I am sure we can all agree, that as we progress in our Masonic lives, new doors of knowledge are continually being opened and we are waiting with opened minds for more light to shine in.

Fraternally Yours,

WM Jon E. Hess, Sr.

MARCH 2015

My Brother,

I have been busy in the East, trying to coordinate the different Degrees that are due to be experienced by our petitioners and Brothers as they work toward the sublime Degree of Master Mason.

I have spoken with many Brothers and found that the hectic schedules of life have occasionally slowed their progress in Masonry. However, to my delight, none have deferred to advance or given up their quest to become Master Masons!

While studying the Master Mason Degree, I came across this paragraph from the first section:

“Freemasonry is a progressive science. As we advance in its mysteries, we find that a proper knowledge of it can be acquired only with time, patience and application, and that our appreciation of its sublime principles will be in proportion to our fidelity in observing its precepts.”

I truly hope that time, patience, and application will assist these petitioners and Brothers to acquire their goals!

I would like to express my gratitude to all the Brothers who assisted or participated in the Polar Bear Plunge! Freemasonry is about charity and brotherhood. What better way to exemplify our beliefs than by working toward a common goal of helping others!

My Sincere Thanks,

WM Jon E. Hess, Sr.


My Brother,

Several Sundays ago, on a dark rainy evening, we were given a true gift. That gift being the honor to attend a fellow Mason’s funeral and share with his family a brief glimpse as to what draws the fraternity together.

As I listened to the words, that I have sadly heard time and time again, I experienced a sounder feeling for the message contained within them.

The departed Brother’s family was thankful for our work and relieved that this Brother will journey well into the Lodge on High.

The following piece from that funeral service delivers this message elegantly:

“The Great Creator having been pleased to remove our Brother from the cares and troubles of this transitory existence, thus severing another link from the fraternal chain that binds us together, may he more strongly cement us who survive him in the ties of union and friendship; that, during the short space allotted us here, we may wisely and usefully employ our time, and, in the reciprocal intercourse of kind and friendly acts, promote the welfare and happiness of one another.”

Travel Well, My Brother,

WM Jon E. Hess, Sr.


My Brother,

My Brothers, again we find ourselves at the starting line of a new year.

Some of us are of the habit to set goals or New Year’s resolutions, some may even keep them!

In the Master Mason lecture’s explanation of Masonic symbols, I find the description of the hourglass to be informing us just how fast time can pass. If we plan to better ourselves or help others in the new year we have just been given, we need to get busy with our plans or our time will evaporate!

The Hourglass:

“The hourglass is an emblem of human life. Behold how swiftly the sands run, and how rapidly our lives are drawing to a close! We cannot, without astonishment, behold the little particles contained within this glass, as almost imperceptible they pass away, and yet, to our surprise, in the short space of an hour are all exhausted. Thus, wastes man. The tender hopes of youth, the blushing honors of manhood soon vanish, and are succeeded by the withering frosts of age; and the sands of life, whether slowly or rapidly, will surely ebb away.”


WM Jon E. Hess, Sr.

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